Why do we do the things we do? What motivates our choice-making? What drives our decisions? More often than we think, our actions are based on subliminal, subtle fear: Fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of failure, even fear of success. Fear sometimes has a physical driver, but most of the time, it is a psychological construct. And that is the good news! For
many more layers from which to make decisions beyond our minds are available to us – we just need to know how to access them.

During this one-day workshop, we will look at the driving forces behind our goal setting – be it at work or at home – as we shift from habitual, conditioned, and sometimes fear-driven motivations to a deeper, heart-centered connection to our Self, expanding our vision of who that very Self is.

We will perform this shift together by focusing our attention on our individual, intimate connection to the various layers of life through which we all navigate daily, from individual to collective, to universal consciousness. The work we will base ourselves on is the Layers of Life model by the 9th century, Indian sage and philosopher Adi Shankara. Step-by-step, we
will deepen the connection to our inner Self moving through these layers, using a variety of simple, easy-to-apply techniques. You will also find that the traditional, authentic tools you learn during this workshop will induce a transformation and serve you well beyond this day.

At the end of the “deepening day”, you are well prepared for your two-day Harada Training with Jim Lippens, as you can review your decisions and goal setting choices or – at the very
least – view them from a new, expanded perspective. Whether you change your goals as a consequence or not, the shift in vision alone will enrich and transform the quality of the
individual actions that you take toward reaching those goals, moving you closer to living your full potential.

Website: www.tidalnodes.com

Voor wie?

For everybody that want to set heart-centered goals.

Door wie?

Joachim Satya Svarupa
Joachim Satya Svarupa is Journalist, Coach, former director of a lokal Radiostation in Baden Württemberg/Germany and regional manager of Allianz insurances. He has spent nearly 40 years traveling in India, devoting himself to Vedic and Tibetan teachings, Yoga and
Meditation, studying with traditional wisdom teachers such as Ramesh Balsekar, Dalai Lama, Poonja. Since his retirement five years ago, he is active as a spiritual teacher, helping people during a space called Sat Darshana settle in their inner truth and place of silence. His passion
is to help people connect to the silence and peace within, to that place of intelligence beyond daily occupations and identifications.

Andrea Anaya
Andrea Anaya is founder of Tidal Nodes, meditation teacher and life purpose coach. For the past 20 years, she has delved into the wisdom and healing traditions of several cultures and has studied among others with native American healers and popular teachers of consciousness such as Deepak Chopra or Gabrielle Orr. In parallel, she has been active in Academia and Science. She holds an interdisciplinary Master (Languages and Linguistics,
Psychology) and a Master of Information Management from McGill University, Montreal, and is currently engaged as a Communication Officer for Cochrane Germany –a worldwide, independent medical research network. Fusing these two, often “imagined-to-be-separate” worlds – spiritual practice and daily life – is one of her great passions. This shows not only in the way she leads her life, but also in the way she helps people connect to their inner truth and voice during her coaching and mentoring work.


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